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Civilian Exposure US Medicine article Lejeune mapRecently, US Medicine reached out to us regarding the latest developments with Camp Lejeune contamination.  In the article, we were asked about the meaning of a move by the VA to work towards establishing presumptive status for veterans exposed.  Of course, this is a great outcome and much needed for veterans.  Thankfully, one segment of those affected by Camp Lejeune contamination are starting to see progress.  But we reminded those at US Medicine that there is another contingent that still faces little to no recourse whatsoever for the health impacts of the negligence at Lejeune – civilian employees and non-active duty citizens present on the base as support personnel.

There needs to be a comprehensive, standardized solution for ALL people at ALL bases facing contamination issues across this country.  Lejeune is the flagship, but it is one of over 150 installations with problems currently present on the EPA Superfund site list.

**Read more from the US Medicine article on Lejeune and Civilian Exposure.

In addition, another article published this month highlights some of the recent studies that have come to light from the CDC.  You can find these same studies and our assessment by clicking this link – Civilian Exposure – 2014-2015 CDC Lejeune Studies Summary and Assessment. The complete article highlights a recently updated male breast cancer study, as well as a 2014 Civilian Mortality Study.

“Some occupational studies have found TCE associated with rectal cancer and prostate cancer, and these were also elevated among Marines/Navy personnel and civilian workers at Camp Lejeune, compared to Camp Pendleton.”

**Have a look at their findings in this additional US Medicine article on Lejeune studies.

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Dean Richards October 15, 2015 - 6:00 pm

I have been following the Camp Lejuene senate hearings. I was stationed at Fort Ord Ca. Fort Ord is on the National Priority List (NPL). EPA has cited Fort Ord for several cancer causing toxic chemicals. Dept. of the Army and EPA has downloaded several documents explaining in great detail the cleanup at Fort Ord. Fort Ord was closed by the BRAC process and must clean up its environmental mess prior to letting certain parts of the old Fort Ord open to civilian contact. Does anyone have any information about congress being involved in investigating the Fort Ord CA case?

Civilian Exposure
Civilian Exposure October 20, 2015 - 12:33 pm

Thanks for your comment. We’ll look into Fort Ord and see if we can showcase what we find out in an upcoming newsletter and on the website. Will keep you updated when we know more.

Camen October 26, 2015 - 1:29 pm

Navel hospital and staffing encluding patient relations are just waiting there for their licenses to be revoked not only do they have a god awful bedside manner and hippa goes out the window I understand it’s a ER my daughter got neglected and put off bc they say they can’t do a mental evaluation on her they don’t have a mental health provider my baby girl is fighting something is wrong plz health


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