Our Mission

Civilian ExposureCivilian Exposure - Mission Truth is a fully tax-exempt, non-profit news and outreach organization. Our writing and research is made possible through reader support.

We are dedicated to shedding light on the extent of military contamination, as well as the generational health impacts to all people exposed aboard US military installations. Our work honors and serves our nation’s military veterans and civilian DOD personnel working at U.S. military installations, along with their families, and children in need of critical information about exposures.

We continue to build a talented board of advisers and journalists dedicated to the mission. Civilian Exposure also benefits from a driven founder directly impacted by military contamination, with a clear mission and vision built around the following 5 specific goals:

  1. Raise national awareness of exposure to US Military Contamination at home and abroad.
  2. Ensure accuracy, transparency and release of all information and pertinent studies in order to create a more informed community and foster accountability.
  3. Ensure protections and assistance in current and future legislation for veterans, civilian DOD personnel, families and children aboard contaminated military bases. Our original flagship effort is to support those exposed to Camp Lejeune water contamination from 1953-1987.  (Current legislation only covers military personnel with presumptive status for a handful of illnesses, but we are monitoring progress on possible changes). We have expanded this in recent years as the reality of the problem is not isolated to Lejeune, but rather systemic and national in nature.
  4. Raise funding to support our reporting, to create brand and issue awareness, to sustain operations and to offer direct aid and assistance to victims and families in need.
  5. Expose contamination risks for everyone on any other contaminated U.S. military installation past, present or future.



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