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Upcoming Supreme Court Case Could Prove Problematic for Claims

by Civilian Exposure

Us_supreme_court_sealOn April 23rd, the Supreme Court will take up the Waldburger case.  Essentially, that case could set a precedent that jeopardizes the ability of many veterans and civilians alike from filing claims against the federal government for their toxic exposures at Camp Lejeune.  It is a case that has flown a bit under the radar but deals with statute of limitations implications and the exact mechanisms of when those statutes begin and end.  For some families and victims who have not learned about the contamination (or the link of their illnesses to that contamination) for decades after the contamination first affected them, this law could prove it impossible for those victims to file claims once they do find out their illness is linked.  This has many up in arms as it appears the government is giving help through the VA on the one hand, while taking away the ability to file legal claims and suits with the other.

For more, read the recent post in USA Today here:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/01/obama-environment-veterans-water-contamination-supreme-court/5426147/


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