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CDC ATSDR Camp Lejeune Community Assistance Panel (CAP) Meeting Audio – 12-15-2014

by Civilian Exposure

Civilian Exposure - Social MediaCDC ATSDR Camp Lejeune Community Assistance Panel (CAP) Meeting Audio – 12-15-2014

Discussions regarding VA meetings, health surveys, cancer incidence studies, concerns by CAP members, upcoming meetings with ATSDR new director and CDC director Thomas Frieden, and more.  Notes below and recording attached.  Can also listen at Soundcloud.com/CivilianExposure. Recording found at bottom of this page.

Agenda Items & Discussions regarding:

1. ATSDR General Updates:

– New Center Director Briefing: New Director was briefed on Camp Lejeune including history, health studies, etc.  All subject matter experts in the room with presentations, etc. according to the ATSDR representative.  NOTE: No CAP members were invited or present at this briefing meeting for the new director.

“We think he’s very supportive of what we’re doing, would like to see things publicized better, etc.”

Requested by Mike Partain – “Can we have him at our next CAP meeting to brief him about CAP concerns as well?”

– Meeting with Veteran’s Affairs: VA, VHA, VBA reps present.  Angela Ragin – “I think the meeting went well.  I thought they were very receptive and had a lot of questions about the studies.”

Requested by Jerry Ensminger – “I’d like to know what questions they had and did you nail down the congressional staff debriefings for it?”  No date established for that according to ATSDR reps. “Will be made in near future,” according to representative.  That answer was not well received.

Discussion about what the VA reps spoke about, especially their inquiries about smoking.  Jerry disputing their discussion.  Tim Templeton glad smoking was refuted in discussion.  Highlights of arguments and discussion regarding VA located at 8:00-15:45 in recording.

2. Health Study Updates:

– Male Breast Cancer Study: Reviewers comments coming in.  Due to holiday times, draft ready to go for early next year.

– Health Survey: Still working on analyzing data for over 50 outcomes.  Still in progress.

– Cancer Incidence Study: Submitted protocol for independent review…asking for comments back in January.  Will go out for external peer review at that time.

3. Communications of Health Studies:

How we handle media typically and how we enhance it for future studies?  A lot of push back from Gavin, Jerry, Mike, etc. At 19-25 mins into recording.

Recommendations for future according to new ATSDR representative – “More active role in advocating results in study, fresh look at the website framing of messages, better context and narrative for all the health studies, show relationships, real meaning to veterans and non-scientific audience.  Package the findings in more accessible formats.” 

Jerry and others push back again.

4. Next In-Person CAP Meeting:

– New:   2-Day Meeting = January 14 – 15, 2015 (Wednesday and Thursday)

– January 14:  3-5PM – CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden possibly will be in attendance

– January 15: Full CAP Meeting

Recording of CDC/ATSDR Camp Lejeune Community Assistance Panel Meeting 12-15-2014:

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James A Carder January 21, 2016 - 10:21 pm

Any info on Carcinoid Tumors in Pancreas or Pancreatitis Attacks from Camp Lejeune exposure to contaminated water.

Civilian Exposure
Civilian Exposure February 10, 2016 - 11:01 pm

James: Thanks for the question. In the recent CDC Mortality Study of Marine and Navy Personnel, findings indicate that “compared to Camp Pendleton, the Camp Lejeune group had higher mortality rates for the following causes of death: 1) Cancers of the cervix, esophagus, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, prostate, rectum, and soft tissue, 2) Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 3) Leukemias, 4) Multiple myeloma, and 5) Multiple sclerosis.” While no specific mention regarding tumors or pancreatitis, there is reference to cancer of the pancreas. We’ll take a closer look and let you know what we can find. – GS


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