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Coverage For Other Illnesses From Camp Lejeune?

by Civilian Exposure

The following is a personal story submitted to Civilian Exposure and published as part of our new series: “Contamination Chronicles: Personal Stories of Exposure”. If you would like to submit your story, you may fill out our form here or send directly via email to share-@-civilianexposure.org.

I find it difficult to believe that no other Marines were diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, COPD, congestive heart failure, diabetes #2, daily headaches, ED, and a host of other diseases due to the toxic organic chemicals unpublished by the base maintenance, Base Commanders, and even the Commandant of the Marine Corps himself. There were no warnings from the DOD, or any other person in a position of authority from 1953 thru 1987.

Try to tell me why this well known fact has been concealed and never spoken by anyone. All of these diseases are known to be caused by toxic chemical pollution, but, still to this day I am denied VA benefits for diseases that are literally killing me. I know for a fact that a law suit levied against the VA was settled in favor of a WM and believe me it was a nice settlement for Pulmonary Fibrosis alone.

Why am I still being denied my rightful benefits? Can someone tell me this so I can understand? Or, should I just die from the 3-5 year mortality rate of Pulmonary Fibrosis after diagnosis?

Note from the Editor: The author currently resides in Pennsylvania. The account/editorial is verbatim from the author without edit, with only the omission of their name to preserve anonymity.

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Susan August 8, 2019 - 7:03 am

Four years ago I experienced a severe breathing problems. A year later, it worsened and I was diagnosed of COPD. I learnt about a successful herbal therapy for COPD. I immediately started on the COPD treatment; i began to notice a reduction in symptoms till it all vanished. I feel better and breath better. I Just wanted to share for people suffering from this horrible lungs disease.

Stephen C. Eaton September 21, 2019 - 11:25 pm

Folks, Does anyone else have lesions on there kidneys? I have a twin sister and 2 younger sisters. No one else in my family or extended family has this problem! WTH is goin on here? I was in from 70 to 76. I was a 53 Crew Chief and bathed in that nasty orange synthetic gear box fluid. Changed Fuel cells as well as went to RVN in 72 and MCM haulin sleds and mops in Haiphong Harbor RNVN!Spent about 2 years all told in New River.71/72 then sent back to N.C.for 8 months til RELAD in 74. I was also the NBC NCO in HMH 362 before RVN. I was sent to camp Geiger for this. Only a 5 day class. I used ALL types of Chemicals on them NASTY shitters! I had two lesions in 1998. Now I have 6 of them on my kidneys.I did apply for Renal Toxicity thru VA. DENIED. I am flounderin here as to what to do ? Currently reside on FL. Gulf coast below Sarasota. Need HELP please. Thanx. Steve Eaton.


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