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Introducing “Contamination Chronicles” – Personal Stories of Exposure

by Gavin P. Smith

Have you or a loved one been affected by exposure to toxic contamination while serving as a military or civilian service member?  We want to hear your story.  Select stories will be published in our new section: Contamination Chronicles.

When others hear your story, they may feel compelled to share theirs as well.  We believe that when more people share their stories, more momentum will be gained and more awareness created.  We want to focus this into actionable changes that can help families that have suffered illness or loss as a result of negligence and unnecessary exposure.

Through sharing, you can help us to help others in need.


Send your stories for consideration/publication to share-AT-civilianexposure-DOT-org.

Or use the following form:

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Note: All personal information will be kept anonymous and confidential. If you use the form above and do not receive a reply to your submission within 1 week, please resend your story directly via the email address above. Thank you.


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