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Patrick Hogan – NASA

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patrick-hogan-nasa-world-windPatrick Hogan has been managing NASA open-source projects since 2002, incubating competitive technologies to deliver scientific content. The goal has been to engineer open-source solutions that leverage open-data standards for sustainable technologies that can be extended in both open and proprietary ways.

Several successful projects have come out of this program, including a virtual scanning electron microscope, software that allows the blind to aurally visualize mathematical equations, and the very successful NASA World Wind, a fully navigable 3D geospatial data visualization platform.

Patrick has managed other NASA programs, including one in the early ’90s which effectively modeled contaminant transport scenarios that leveraged over a million soil and groundwater data points.

Prior to this, Patrick was a high school science teacher and a deep sea diver for the offshore oil industry. He is a California Registered Geologist and a former pilot.

Civilian Exposure Advisory Board - Patrick H

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