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Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water Resource Site

by Civilian Exposure

vetaffairslogoOne of the missions of Civilian Exposure is to provide resources to help shed light on studies and progress regarding Camp Lejeune water contamination.  For those seeking to dig deeper into the history of the contamination, plus receive updates from the Marine Corps, this site has some additional information that may be useful:


In addition, this ATSDR detailed report sheds light on the full scope of the problem.  In a letter to the VA, they reveal that the problem has actually existed at Camp Lejeune for over four decades.

“According to our water modeling, we estimate that the first month any VOC exceeded the current EPA MCL in finished water was August 1953, and at least one VOC exceeded its current MCL in Hadnot Point drinking water from  August 1953 through January 1985.”


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