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Civilian Exposure - Camp Lejeune Contamination - Gavin P. Smith Interview with Veterans Radio

Civilian Exposure – Veterans Radio Interview

by Civilian Exposure

Recently, we were approached for an interview on Veterans Radio about the mission and purpose of Civilian Exposure. We talk about Camp Lejeune, the wider issue of contamination on bases all across the country, and about finding justice and recourse for those exposed. Have a listen to the interview with Gavin Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Civilian Exposure.


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Veterans Radio, the Voice of America’s Veterans, has been on the air for 13 years and has over 600 programs in its internet archive library. Veterans Radio has an hour long AM radio show on WAAM 1600 Ann Arbor that tells the stories of veterans and the wars, conflicts and battles of our nation. Its programming is about sharing wisdom and information that is both apolitical and stands the test of time. Veterans Radio’s interviews are podcast on BlogTalkRadio.

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Willis stanley October 27, 2017 - 8:28 am

I was a corpsman I saw first hand young boys have tissue removed from under their breast ,I saw one young high school student slowly die on ward 20 from cancer he got after his father was transferred there within 3 months he had cancer from throat to entire insides .His father accused us of killing his son well I guess we were guilty with each pain pill we gave him water to take the to take with the oral medicine..He lasted little over 4 months never got to even go home…..I think of him after all these years.I remember what he looked like first time I saw him and the morning we put him in body bag…could not tell it was same young man who had come in for basic simple procedure to find his problem. Was had watching day by day change of this young man into a walking skeleton and seeing the suffering he went thru. Often asks God why ?
I will never understand…willis stanley


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