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Today Marks the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

by Gavin P. Smith

Today is the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.  The D-Day anniversary marks memory of the date, June 6, 1944, when Allied forced stormed the beaches of Normandy during World War II.  It is known as the largest seaborne invasion in history.  The operation, part of a larger invasion operation named Operation Overlord, involved a complex combination of sea invasion combined with aerial bombardment, naval bombardment, and paratrooper insertion behind enemy lines.  Securing the beachhead was the first step of many in the eventual push to Germany and the eventual end of WWII.

While we remember those that served and lost on that day and in all conflicts throughout our history, we must remain vigilant and focused on the task before us.  We must always take care of our military veterans who survive those conflicts as well as those that serve today.  We must also protect and care for scores of civilians that actively support our military through assignment aboard domestic bases, international military installations and forward operating bases abroad.  Civilian Exposure continues the fight to ensure that all civilian workers, as well as military members, have access to the latest information, studies and news to protect themselves from the harmful and lingering health effects of toxic exposure aboard military installations.

We thank our military and veterans for their service, those civilians that support their efforts and you, the public for your support of CivilianExposure.org.


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