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Civilian Exposure - Thanksgiving Message

2017 Thanksgiving Message

by Gavin P. Smith


Friends of Civilian Exposure,

Happy Thanksgiving!

During this time of the year, we want to give a special “thank you” to all of our subscribers and visitors, welcome new ones, and recognize the volunteers who have helped us grow over the past year. We’re grateful for all of you.

Remember, if you have family members, former co-workers, fellow service members or friends that need to know about Camp Lejeune or any other contaminated military base, click here to get them signed up for our weekly updates.

Please share our site with your friends and others who may have been exposed or need to know.  We also welcome additional personal stories from others as we try to give voice to all angles of this issue, not just at Lejeune, but at bases everywhere. Would you be willing to write a detailed story about your personal exposure/experiences for us that we can post and share with others? Do you know others as well in a similar situation that would be willing to share theirs?

You can submit these at anytime through this form…or email them to share-@-civilianexposure.org (remove dashes).

We’re working hard to bring significant attention to impact of this generational health catastrophe.  With your shared stories and support, we will continue to make a difference.

We wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday.

Gavin P Smith - Founder and President of Civilian Exposure
Gavin P. Smith
Founder/President – Civilian Exposure


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