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Our Top 10 Military Contamination Topics of 2017

by Civilian Exposure

It’s the end of another busy year. Now is the time to reflect on some of the significant issues and topics regarding military contamination in 2017.  From toxic water contamination at Camp Lejeune, to Agent Orange in Okinawa, some stories had a greater impact on our readers than others. All of these military contamination stories were a result of your inquiries and requests.

Whenever you would like to submit your ideas or stories for us to consider, please feel free to submit them via our contact page. We try to respond to as many as possible in a timely manner. Your input, suggestions and original stories and accounts of  struggles with exposure to military contamination are key to our effort. With your help, we can reach and inform more people that may have been exposed.

And now, we present our top 10 military contamination topics of 2017. These include articles on various contaminated military bases, chemicals of concern, personal stories of exposure, and health issues. These rankings are based on total website visitor and subscriber interest.

10. Reported Health Effects Linked to TCE, PCE, Benzene and Vinyl Chloride

9. Griffiss Air Force Base (11 Areas) Rome NY

8. Agent Orange on Okinawa: Six Years On

7. Destined to Suffer for the Rest of Our Lives

6. An Atomic Clean-Up Had Been Turned Into An Atomic Cover-Up  

5. Military Bases’ Contamination Will Affect Water for Generations

4. VA Rule Revision on Lejeune Published

3. Andersen Air Force Base – Yigo, Guam

2. Neurobehavioral Effects

1. Camp Lejeune Civilian Mortality Study

Bonus Articles / Honorable Mention:

In case you missed them, these articles also had a significant amount of views throughout 2017.


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