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Contamination at Willow Grove Naval Air Station

by Civilian Exposure

When Civilian Exposure was established in 2013, our initial primary focus was on the water contamination and soil vapor intrusion issues at Camp Lejeune, NC.  The base was the largest contaminated base on the EPA Superfund site list, so it has become a flagship of sorts for this issue.  That said, there are over 150 military installations actively listed on the EPA Superfund list today.  Those communities need answers and support as well.  We’re expanding our coverage to include these communities and base issues nationwide.

As we continue to profile other bases with contamination issues, we uncovered this story about Willow Grove Naval Air Station.  A redevelopment firm is working to acquire the land to build new homes, businesses, shopping, etc.  Yet, last year, it was discovered that Willow Grove was contaminated with perfluorinated compounds in some wells near the base.  The chemicals, commonly used in firefighting foam, were classified as an emerging contaminant by the EPA last summer.

For the full story, click this link: http://articles.philly.com/2015-08-21/news/65672309_1_horsham-land-redevelopment-authority-sewer-authority-water-contamination

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