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National Journal Article Highlights Fight for Camp Lejeune Victims

by Civilian Exposure

It is the mission of Civilian Exposure to seek out or highlight all forms of media exposure for this issue.  It is crucial to have national media outlets shed light on this story.  The more we can keep this injustice in the spotlight, the more likely those exposed to Camp Lejeune Contamination will see corrective action and legislation.

In this National Journal feature released on November 3rd, Mike Magner sheds more light on the continued fight to get veterans much needed assistance from the VA.  This fight goes hand-in-hand with the fight that we at Civilian Exposure are fighting.  Our mission is to provide equivalent awareness, accountability and assistance for civilian DOD personnel suffering health problems from exposure.  In addition to pushing for VA assistance for our veterans, we must also ensure that the Department of Defense and the US Department of Labor provide proper and timely assistance to civilian workers who worked at Camp Lejeune between 1950-1990.

imageMike Magner is also the author of A Trust Betrayed, a book released in early 2013 detailing the human stories and evidential history of decades of Camp Lejeune contamination.

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Every bit makes a difference for the over 1 million impacted with a variety of cancers and other illnesses as a result of unknown exposure to decades of water and soil contamination.

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