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Civilian Exposure - Christmas 2016

2016 Christmas Message

by Gavin P. Smith

Friends of Civilian Exposure,

This Christmas, as we gather with our families and reflect on the year that has been, I am reminded that while some progress and discussions continue, the poisoning of a significant group of people exposed at Camp Lejeune remains largely unaddressed and justice unresolved.

Let’s not forget the service members, veterans, and reservists that were exposed.

Let’s not forget the hard-working civilian employees that helped keep bases like Lejeune operating 24/7/365. They are the cooks, the firemen, the maintenance workers, supervisors, the school principals, the plumbers, the golf course folks, and more.

Let’s not forget the spouses of those deployed. Let’s not forget the children that played in the swimming pools, drank from school water fountains or played with water hoses in the heat of a summer day on base.

Let’s not forget all that have suffered or lost as a result of this generational health catastrophe, not just at Lejeune, but at every contaminated military base.

In their memory, Civilian Exposure will continue to work to create awareness, accountability and assistance for ALL exposed and suffering the health impacts. We fight on, with renewed spirit, to solve this problem once and for all and bring care and justice that all deserve. Our nation owes them.

We thank you for your service, your stories, your sympathies, and your steadfast and unwavering support.

A very heartfelt “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” to you and yours.

Gavin P Smith - Founder and President of Civilian Exposure
Gavin P. Smith
Founder/President – Civilian Exposure


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