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After Exhaustive Attempts at FOIA Request, Vet Files Lawsuit

by Civilian Exposure

At Civilian Exposure, we’re always on the lookout for relevant information to compile for you regarding a variety of aspects to contamination issues, government transparency and policies that affect you.  As we scoured the internet recently, we found this particular article of interest.

FOIA CartoonIn our conversations with civilians and veterans alike regarding filing FOIA requests, we’ve found that little is shared or expenses are set high for any searches and sharing provided by the government agency at question.  Some simply do not respond to requests at all, letting requests sit for long periods of time.  For CE, we recently filed a FOIA request to the DOD and while we were told in a preliminary response that our requested information was, indeed, available, that there was a high cost involved.  Upon filing a fee waiver appeal, we have since heard nothing.  This seems to be a common occurrence for others out there seeking information from our government as well.

Take the story of this man, Raymond Pulliam.  After an exhaustive process of trying to get his FOIA request answered, he decided to seek out a lawyer and has filed a lawsuit against the DOD, the DOJ and the EPA for failing to address his FOIA request.  Have a look at the full story at this link:


What do you think about the current state of “government transparency”?

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