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CDC ATSDR Camp Lejeune CAP Monthly Call – 4.20.2015

by Civilian Exposure

CDC-ATSDR-CAPThe following provides all agenda items, discussions and takeaways from the latest Camp Lejeune Community Assistance Panel (CAP) monthly phone update.

A complete recording of the meeting is found at the bottom of this post.  Scroll to the bottom of this post, locate the player and click the play button to listen.

1. Introduction (People in the room and on the Phone)

2. Health Study Updates:

  • Male Breast Cancer Study
  • Health Survey
  • Cancer Incidence Study – Starting initial steps for Contract (Program Grants Office)

3. Health Assessments – Update

  • Soil Vapor Intrusion – in clearance coming to CAP shortly
  • Drinking Water Re-analysis – in clearance

4. Next Full CAP Meeting 4th QTR: – Atlanta, Georgia – August 27, 2015

5. CAP Updates and Concerns : (Open session for questions from the CAP)

Notes and Takeaways:

  • Male Breast Cancer Study is being submitting to journals today for finalization and publication
  • Health Survey – analyses wrapping up – draft ready in summer – submit for clearance.  Will take 6 months or so with peer review process 1 month + approvals to submit to journal…another 2 monnths their review process.
  • Cancer Incidence Study – clearance process/procurement/grant office contracting mechanisms starting
  • TIMELINE PROJECTIONS for Cancer Incidence Study:  2016 – 2021 – fully collect and analyze data
  • VA Claims update: 5% approval rate.  Still extremely low and the VA continues to say that “the science just isn’t there” to determine claim validity.
  • Higher level ATSDR officials are trying to bridge gaps with the VA and set up a new relationship but is slow going.


Full Audio Recording of CAP Call:

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Ronald E. Gilmore April 24, 2015 - 10:46 am

Ref.Other illnesses,than the 15,that’s been listed,like prostate cancer,liver infections or cancer,hep.c .


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