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Civilian Exposure Contamination Labor Day 2016

Labor Day Message 2016

by Gavin P. Smith

Friends of Civilian Exposure,

Typically, we bring you updates every week on what’s going on with contaminated water and health concerns, not only at Camp Lejeune but at other bases around the country.

Today, however, we want to pause and use this upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend as a moment to remember and recognize all of our service members, as well as the civilian workers, families and citizens that support their efforts to protect this great nation.

Not only do we recognize your service, we also understand the generational health catastrophe plaguing so many of you as a result of exposure to poisonous pollution and contamination aboard our U.S. military bases.  We further recognize the ongoing fight for the care and justice all people impacted so truly deserve.

Civilian Exposure is nearing its 3rd anniversary. When I founded this non-profit in October of 2013, I did so for one simple reason.  My father, a civilian worker who died of exposure, never had a choice.  He was never aware of the contamination.  My family never received notice of any accountability by any party. Like countless others, we did not see any assistance during my father’s illness, nor upon his loss.

I believed that the only way to solve this problem was to increase awareness, seek accountability and find a way to get the assistance needed to help others.  Over the past 3 years, we’ve ramped up the awareness of this issue in the media.  We’ve worked a variety of stakeholders to continue to seek accountability.

If the government won’t step up to the plate and do the right thing, we have to do what we can ourselves until they do. That’s why we’re working hard to prepare brand new programs that will create assistance where possible. Together, we can help each other.

We thank you for your service, your stories, your sympathies, and your steadfast and unwavering support.
Gavin P Smith - Founder and President of Civilian Exposure
Gavin P. Smith
Founder/President – Civilian Exposure


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